What is work experience?

Work Experience is an opportunity for you to spend time at a place of work, specifically in a job that people do in real employment, so you can find out what skills are required for the job. By the end of your work placement, you will know more about the industry you worked in, the kind of work you’d do there and whether or not it is something you’d like to do after you leave school.

Work experience is also a chance for you to develop your employability skills, which in turn will give you something to talk about in your future job interviews.

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But I don’t know what kind of career I want yet...

That’s ok! Not many people do, there are some lucky ones who have a plan but most of us are still finding out what we could be good at in the future. For now, why not find a placement where you can build on a subject you already enjoy or are good at in school. Or simply find a placement that you know you’re able to do.

Develop your employability skills 

No matter what you do for work experience you are guaranteed to develop your employability skills, and that’s what it’s all about. Students of 2018’s Year 10 Work Experience programme voted for the skills they developed most, the most popular 5 choices were:

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Who’s in charge of finding my placements?

You are! With a little help from us of course. There are 100’s of employers you can research in our platform, and your programme has all the information you need too. The sooner you finalise your placement the sooner you can relax, knowing it’s all sorted.


Download work experience log book

Don't forget your log book so you can fill in what you learned during your placement! Download a copy here if you've lost it. 

Making your shortlist

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