Education provider

You’re running the programme on behalf of your students!

Whether you are a High School, College or University, as an educational establishment, you're responsible for ensuring your students find a work experience placement relevant to their skills and interests, to form the foundations of their future career pathways. 


Employers are looking for a range of employability and soft skills from potential candidates. Work experience is a great opportunity for students to develop and learn new skills to equip them for their job search once they leave education. It's important to remind them of the skills that employers desire so they can be aware of which skill-sets they need to develop and learn. Refer to the Employability Skills page to remind students of what they need to consider in their development. 


Student self-placement forms

Download the self-placement form for students to ask employers to fill in and sign. 

Allocating placements

If you're responsible for allocating the students to their placement providers, use this as a reference to help you through the process. 

Reports - explained

There are a number of reports available to download for each programme run to help you monitor and manage your activities smoothly 

Student list upload - explained

We can quickly upload all of your students into to take the hassle out of setting up your programme - here's how we do it 

Time recording - students

Students can log the time spent on different tasks into their profile's calendar within, which tutors will be able to review 

Time recording - tutors

As a tutor, monitor the time being spent by individual students against a programme with this tool