What it's like to be the teacher

Katie is a local student, reflecting on her opportunity to undertake work experience as a teacher at a local primary school...

Katie at the school

Katie, tell us about where you did your work experience and how long was it for?

My work experience was at the Henry Bloom Noble Primary School, and I did it for 5 days (one school week).


Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to teach. I would like to go into secondary school teaching.

What appeals most to you about being a teacher?

The idea that you are providing knowledge to the possible lawyers, doctors, scientists of tomorrow, seems like it would be a massive rewarding career choice.  In a teaching job, no two days are the same, which makes it even more worthwhile.


What was your most memorable experience from your work placement?

My most memorable experience was probably helping the pupils learn how to tell the time on a digital clock.  We played a game on the laptops, and when they asked me to play it, were amazed at how quickly I could do it.  It made me feel happy, and it felt great how they lit up when I told them they’d be able to do it just as quick soon enough.

What benefits do you think taking part in work experience has given you?

It’s given me much more of an insight into how I’d like to teach, and it gave me a real confidence boost.  Taking part in work experience really opened up my mind more to the world of teaching, and has allowed me to expand my desires from there.


Do you feel that you now know more about what being a teacher involves?

Yes, I feel like although I still don’t know fully what it involves, I know a great deal more than I did.

What are your plans for when you finish your school exams?

After my A-Levels, I plan to study Mathematics or possibly joint Maths and Chemistry at University, and then do a teaching qualification so that I can teach those subjects.

Who inspires you?

My GCSE maths teacher. Her passion for maths was one I saw level with.  I feel that I can be as great a teacher as she is - she's inspired me to teach maths over any other subject.

What advice would you give to other students who will be taking part in work experience placements?

I’d say enjoy it! You get to do real work, which is different to the work you do in school on a daily basis. Work Experience is so valuable, because you can see how amazing your dream career is, or possibly give you more ideas of what you’d like to do with your future.


Do you feel that your work experience has helped prepare you for the world of work?

Yes and no. Yes, because I now know what being a teacher is like (a little), but at the same time, in a job like teaching, there’s no way you can be fully prepared for the variety of situations you can get!

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