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Fair Processing and Privacy Policy 

This page was last updated on: 21 March 2018. is an employment and skills portal that is wholly owned by PDMS Ltd (PDMS), a software development company based in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.  Through PDMS’ ownership of the system all personal data is processed by PDMS both in our capacity as a Data Controller and as a Data Processor on behalf of our customers, and it is always undertaken in compliance with applicable Data Protection Legislation.  We recognise the importance of the correct and lawful processing of personal data in maintaining confidence in our operations.  We fully endorse and adhere to the principles set out within the legislation.

This Privacy Policy relates entirely to the system. For details on the PDMS Ltd Privacy Policy please visit their website where it is available.

Processing Personal Data

The purpose of our processing of your personal data is to provide you with access to the employment and skills services provided by the system.

What is Personal Data

Personal data is information that can be used to identify an individual such as name, address, telephone number, and date of birth, or notes and comments made about a person.

Information classed as sensitive personal data includes details of racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, health details,  trade union membership, religious beliefs and criminal record.

Registration as a Data Controller

As is a brand and a system, itself therefore cannot be registered as a Data Controller.

PDMS is a ‘Data Controller’ as recognised by the Legislation. PDMS has notified the Information Commissioner of the UK and of the Isle of Man that they process personal data to enable them to provide services to its clients, to maintain their internal accounts and records, and to support and manage their staff. The Information Commissioner describes the processing in a register which is available to the public for inspection at:

UK: - Registration Number: Z3300757

Isle of Man: - Registration Number: N000973

PDMS’ entry on the registration register for each country can be viewed from these sites.

When you provide your personal data to PDMS through the system, PDMS are the Data Controller for that data.  You are still the owner of your data and are considered to be the data subject.

Processing Information Fairly and Lawfully

The system primarily processes your personal data using your consent, asking your permission to do so, as the lawful basis for processing.  By creating an account and filling in the necessary forms, it is deemed to be you providing your consent to PDMS processing your data.

We will not further process your personal data unless a lawful basis for processing applies.

Purposes of Data Processing 

We, our data processors, and the recipients of the personal data identified in this Policy, process personal information to enable us to:

  • Allow users to create their online employment and skills profile
  • Apply for vacancies through the system;
  • Promote employment vacancies on the Isle of Man;
  • Provide services such as Work Experience to the Isle of Man schools
  • Make forms available online for the users;
  • Allow groups and memberships to manage their membership lists;

Processing for the above purposes is conducted with your consent.

Data Subjects

We process personal data about:

  • Users of the system;
  • Employers nominated representatives;
  • Trade Groups / Organisations; and/or
  • Education bodies

Categories of Personal Data

We process personal data including:

  • Personal details;
  • Contact details;
  • Education and employment details;
  • Membership of Groups within the system

Information Collected about You

PDMS believes in the principle or transparency regarding what data the system is collecting and why we are collecting it, so that the relevant data subjects can make informed decisions about whether they want their data to be processed or not. 

Information You Provide:

All of the data that is contained within your profile on the system is provided by you. There is nothing hidden or collected without your knowledge that forms part of your profile.

You have full control over this data, including:

a) Who to share your data with

b) How much, and what, data to include on your profile, other than the minimum data (first name, surname, email address, date of birth / age confirmation) needed to create your profile.

c) How long your data is retained by the system

d) Access to this data

Once registered you can also add additional information including:

  • Address
  • Work permit eligibility
  • Telephone numbers
  • Personal website
  • Personal statement
  • Educational background
  • Qualifications
  • Employment history
  • Skills
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Professional body memberships
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Achievements

We will never ask for this information and if you chose to provide it, when you do so, you are providing consent to the data being processed within

Via the system – When you create your profile, you are directly providing the minimum information (first name, surname, email address) that needs to be able to verify your identity, anything further that you provide is done so freely by you, and of your own choice. will never ask you for further information about yourself.

Via Email or Telephone - Should you communicate directly with us or complete the Contact Us Form from our website, we use this communication in order to act upon the content of it.  The nature of the content will determine the course of action required by

Information We Collect About You:

We collect some analytical data about your usage of the system, which forms part of our statistical analysis of the overall usage of the system, allowing us to highlight trends in the usage of This data is only ever viewed in summary form, rather than at an individual user level, unless that user is experiencing issues with the system that they have reported to us, at which time we may need the level of detail that their specific data would provide.

The data is also used for us to determine whether the system is working as we would expect it to, including having the ability to compare current performance scenarios with historical ones.

This data is only accessible by PDMS staff and is only retained whilst it is of relevance to the above scenarios, after which time it is destroyed.

Cookies – Details on the cookies that PDMS use can be found within the Cookies page on our website.

Information Third Parties Collect About You:

Usage of the system – When you freely choose to use certain parts of the system some of your data will be shared with third parties who use or manage these elements. Their retention protocols in relation to the data that you chose to share is managed by them. You should contact the third party if you have any queries regarding their management of your data, including requesting access to your data that they may have within and other systems.

Deregistering Your Account

Should you decide that you no longer wish to have an profile you can de-register your account.  Links to de-registration can be found in the ‘Settings’ section of your account.   Alternatively you can contact the administration team at

When you de-register from the following data will be deleted:

  • Basic Details 
  • Employment History 
  • Professional Qualifications 
  • Professional Associations 
  • Notifications 
  • Bookmarks
  • Messages associated within their account

Messages that you have sent to other registered members will remain in their inbox until that user chooses to delete them. 

For information about data retention please see the relevant section of this policy.

Ensuring Your Personal Information is Safe and Accurate has a legal obligation to ensure that information held on our computer systems about you is secure, and that we are guarding against unauthorised or unlawful processing or accidental loss, destruction of, or damage to your personal data. PDMS holds a number of certifications which are regularly audited in order to confirm that their systems are providing the necessary safeguards to protect the data they hold.  Further details about the certifications is available upon request.

We have a responsibility to ensure that the data that we hold remains accurate and up to date. However as the management of your data within is solely down to you, we are reliant upon you to keep your profile up to date and cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies, unless it can be proved that it is because of a technical system error.  However we will assist in correcting any inaccuracies where we are able.

Data Location and Sharing 

Data Location: 

PDMS’ data and the systems that it operates are physically located on the Isle of Man.  PDMS uses the following Data Processors to deliver this service:

Data Processor

Contact Details


Processing Activity

Manx Telecom

Isle of Man

Data Hosting


Isle of Man

Data Hosting

Staff at these companies do not have access to your data.  At any given time, your data will be stored by these Data Processors, outside of the EEA within their data centres on the Isle of Man.  The Isle of Man currently has an agreement with the EU in relation to its Data Protection Legislation, meaning that it is considered acceptable to transfer data in and out of the Isle of Man, without contravening any European Data Protection Legislation.

Sharing Your Data:

Through your use of certain functionality in the system you can choose to actively share all, or part of, your profile, and therefore your personal data, with third parties. accepts no liability for our management of your data, only the inherent security protocols that the system provides.  The system facilitates various privacy settings which allows you to choose who can view your basic profile details. The options are:

  • Only Me
  • Employers only
  • All Members

The default privacy setting is 'Only Me', and you will need to alter your status to become visible to other users and to share your data. 

If you select the setting 'All Members’, your name and information pertaining to your education, employment and qualifications (not your address or email address) may be viewed by registered employers, membership administrators or other individual users, through the search functionality of the website.

If you select the setting ‘Employers Only’, your name and information pertaining to your education, employment and qualifications (not your address or email address) may be viewed by registered employers and their administrators, through the search functionality of the website.

If the user is under 16 and enrolled on a work experience programme, their basic profile details and CV will be visible to their School and PDMS’s work experience co-ordinators and other support team members as deemed appropriate in order to fulfil that purpose, but none of their details will be visible to any other member or employer.  The User cannot change that setting until they reach the age of 16 when they will then be able to choose to share their details. If the user does not change their settings their details will remain hidden.

PDMS will not share your personal details with third parties unless:

  • You provide permission for us to do so.
  • There is any alleged criminal activity, unlawful activity or suspected breach of our terms and conditions, or where there is suspected harm or potential harm to other members. In such cases will co-operate with any law enforcement authorities, regulatory bodies or court order requesting or directing the disclosure of the identity or any other information about any member.

Irrespective of the privacy setting selected by you, your information will still be viewable by and by relevant members of staff of its administrator, PDMS Limited, should you ask us to provide support regarding a system fault or bug., and our owner and administrator PDMS Limited, will not access you data outside of this circumstance.

Sharing Vacancies:

Should you be involved in posting vacancies onto on behalf of an organisation, from time to time, may wish to upload a vacancy advertisement to one of the social media sites, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Vacancies posted on may also be passed to 3rd parties for listing on other websites. If the organisation does not wish to share or use vacancy details in this way please contact

Retaining Information 

PDMS will only retain the personal information contained within your profile for as long as you require us to do so. Should you no longer require your data to be held in the system, you can deactivate your account at any time, which will result in the deletion of your profile and it’s associated data.

Your usage of some of the functionality of the system may require some of your data to be retained longer than the existence of your profile, however you will be informed of this prior to your use of these elements to allow you to make an informed decision about your use of this functionality.



Only in the event that you have provided us with your consent, will we use some of the information that you have provided in the system to send you notifications about posted vacancies that match your requirements.  This will only ever be done via email.  You can edit your requirements or withdraw your consent to this functionality at any time.


When you sign up to use the system you are requested to select your preference with regards to PDMS contacting you for direct marketing activities.  We do not pre-select your choice for you, so you have to actively provide consent at this time. 

If you do not select the box that indicates that you are willing for us to contact you in relation to marketing, we will not send you any marketing materials of any sort, but you may still receive communications from us from time to time regarding updates to terms and conditions or service amendments to the system.  These are not classified as marketing materials.

If you have subscribed to newsletters, or requested direct communication for marketing purposes, PDMS will only contact you in relation to and the enhanced services that it can provide.

Should you wish to no longer receive marketing communications from

  • An unsubscribe facility is available within the marketing email which, opens a webpage in order to allow you to request no further marketing contact from PDMS; or
  • You can reply to the individual who has contacted you requesting no further marketing contact; or
  • You can actively contact our marketing department, or our Data Protection Officer (whose contact details can be found in in the 'Invoking Your Rights' section of this document) requesting no further marketing; or
  • You can update your communication preferences from within your account in the system. 

After any of these have occurred, PDMS will not directly contact you again in this regard unless you provide a subsequent request to start receiving them again.

As and when the need arises PDMS may contact you in relation to usage and enhancements to the system, however these are not deemed to be marketing communications and are permittable under the law.

Links to Other Websites

The system may, from time to time, contain links to other websites.  Linking should not be taken as an endorsement of any kind, including the privacy related activities of such organisations.  We cannot guarantee that links will work all of the time and we have no control over the availability or content of the linked pages.  We encourage you to read the privacy statements on the other websites you visit, prior to fully using them, as the information contained within our privacy policy, and the rights that we have to provide to you, as detailed in this document do not extend to those sites.

Your Rights

As detailed within the applicable Data Protection Legislation, each Data Subject is afforded a number of rights.

In accordance with these rights PDMS will, upon request:

  • Provide you with all of the data PDMS hold about you, in a machine readable format;
  • Provide you with access to any or all of the data that PDMS hold about you, and provide you with details about why we have the data;
  • Rectify any information about you that is deemed incorrect;
  • Unless we are required to continue doing so by legislation, stop, or restrict the processing of data about you;
  • Remove all records about you from our systems, providing that there is not a legal reason to retain it.  If there is, we will inform you of it, and provide you with details about how much longer your data will be retained for.

Invoking Your Rights

If you wish to invoke any of the rights afforded to you, then you must request this in writing, providing your contact details.  At this time we may contact you in order to verify your identity. You should send your request to: 

Data Protection Officer


Global House

Isle of Man Business Park

Cooil Road


Isle of Man



Complaints About How We Process Your Personal Information 

In the first instance, an individual should contact PDMS. Complaints should be addressed to:

Data Protection Officer


Global House

Isle of Man Business Park

Cooil Road


Isle of Man



Should you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner, you may escalate your complaint to:

The Managing Director


Global House

Isle of Man Business Park

Cooil Road


Isle of Man



Should you again feel that the response provided is not satisfactory, then you should forward your complaint to either the UK or the Isle of Man Information Commissioners Office, depending upon which is the most appropriate, according to where you are located.

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