Working with genetics - it's in her DNA

Year 10 Ballakermeen student Francine Salarda completed her work experience with Taxa Genomics Ltd as a Laboratory Assistant. The aim of Francine’s work experience was to find out more about animal DNA. We interviewed Francine during her work experience placement to see how she was doing, and the projects at Taxa Genomics are incredible!

Release Date: 27/07/2018 12:13

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Is there anything you have found fun or exciting on your placement? 

Is was fun to do experiments in the laboratory as they are practical and exciting. I find it interesting carrying out experiments with the test tubes and testing if animals like dogs had any Genetic Illnesses by taking samples of DNA. It was fun to learn how it worked and how to use the equipment in the laboratory.

What haven’t you enjoyed or found interesting about your placement? 

During the times that I wasn’t working in the laboratory I was doing data inputting into spread sheets. Although it’s important to make these records of our findings, I didn’t find it as interesting as my work in the laboratory. 

Do you know what you might want to do after your placement?

I would like to work in a laboratory like Taxa Genomics because everything they do in the labs is interesting and great to build my new skills set - I would like to get more experience in this field. I would be able to continue doing more in a laboratory environment and carry out more tests to explore more of this kind of work.

Is your placement what you expected it to be and would you work there?

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I did expect it to be a bigger building as all the machinery and experimenting equipment are quite large and you need space to have a laboratory. The work is what I expected and hoped to do, and I have learnt a lot from my placement.

Do you have any advice for students who want to choose this placement next year?

The first day will be the quietest and perhaps the least fun - it takes time to be introduced to all the equipment and procedures around the lab work. But it’s important to do the research and computer systems prep-work so that you can get the most out of being in the lab during the rest of the week.

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PDMS' Marketing work experience student, Alex Leonard, carried out this interview as part of his Year 10 placement. 

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