My Manx Adventure

Looking to get the most out of her work experience placement, Staffordshire student Rachel sought a placement in the Isle of Man with software development company PDMS to discover more about the technology industry.

Release Date: 13/07/2018 11:26

Rachel Evans - Developer at PDMS Ltd 

Name: Rachel Evans Rachel Evans (1)
Job: Developer
Company: PDMS
Job description: Software development

Rachel is a student from Codsall Community High School in Staffordshire, England and has come to the Isle of Man to join the PDMS development team for her work placement week.

Are you enjoying your placement? Do you have a favourite bit so far?

I have really enjoyed my placement. It has been a brilliant opportunity and experience – my favourite parts were being able to learn a new programming language and taking part in apprenticeship interviews, but really, I have found everything interesting.

Talk us through an average day, what tasks are you doing? Rachel interviews MICTA apprentice

I have been learning JavaScript on an online course, and I have been shown some of the code for the website, and how it works, as well as reviewing and debugging processes. I have also been writing up some apprentice profiles/biographies from notes I took from interviews. I have also attended meetings and presentations, all which I’ve really enjoyed.

What skills do you think you have developed whilst on your placement?

It has helped me develop more independence and confidence, and also things like problem-solving skills, by trying to see where things are going wrong and fixing them myself. I have needed to use listening/communication skills whilst helping in interviews with apprentices and attending meetings too.

Is work what you expected?

Mostly, but some things I wasn’t sure what to expect. For example, the environment was much more friendly and relaxed than I thought it was going to be.

Has work experience given you some idea of what you might like to do in the future?

It has helped me understand what jobs in this particular field look like and what it involves, and it has really interested me. It has helped me in thinking about my job in the future, and the sort of thing I would like to do.

Do you have any advice for students who are doing work experience next year?

Find a work experience placement in an area you enjoy and are thinking about following as a career. This will help you gain an understanding of what these jobs really look like and help you make informed decisions in the future and increase the chances that you will be able to find a career that you enjoy and are good at. It will also help make the placement more enjoyable than if you were working in something that didn’t interest you at all.

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