It's all plain sailing - Mark experiences life on the sea

Year 10 Ballakermeen student, Mark Hindley did his work experience with the 7th Wave - Royal Yacht Association Training and worked as a Water Sports Assistant. We interviewed Mark to see how he was doing on his placement and see first-hand how much fun the ocean can be!

Release Date: 10/08/2018 16:51

7th Wave BuildingIs there anything you have found fun or exciting on your placement?

It was extremely fun being on the yachts and learning new types of boats and how they work. There were certain techniques you needed to learn for some of the yachts and boats and I learned a lot about that!

What haven’t you enjoyed or not found interesting about your placement?

Whenever I was not on the boats, I was usually sweeping up and cleaning as there was sand everywhere a lot of the time. But it was necessary work and I was glad to help out. I also didn’t love getting in and out of my wet suit, but it’s worth it to do so much sailing.

Do you know what you might want to do after your placement?

I’m not too sure what I might want to do after work experience but if I could work with the Royal Yacht Association I would, and I would want to be an assistant on the yachts. You must learn how to use the more complicated yachts to be an assistant.

Is your placement what you expected it to be and would you take it as a job?

I already go to the yacht club most weeks and so I knew straight away what I would be doing, I already took lessons on how to use the boats and I was keen to do it in a more professional way.

Do you have any advice for the students that choose this placement next year?

If you are out on the boats for a long while, it starts to get tiring and on the first day you go through a health and safety process on the boats which take quite a while to go through.

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PDMS' Marketing work experience student, Alex Leonard, carried out this interview as part of his Year 10 placement. 

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