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PDMS’ marketing work experience student Alex had the opportunity to find out what motivated Ballakermeen student, Megan Trevethan, to take up work experience at the ManxSPCA.

Release Date: 19/07/2018 15:08

Megan Trevethan - Animal Care Assistant at ManxSPCA

Name: Megan Trevethan Meg MSPCA
Job: Animal Care Assistant
Company: ManxSPCA
Job description: Taking care of animals 

Year 10 Ballakermeen student, Megan Trevethan did her work experience with the ManxSPCA and worked with animals. We visited Megan on her work experience placement to see how she was getting on.


Is there anything you have found fun or exciting on your placement?

It was extremely fun! I worked with animals like birds and dogs and it was fun to feed the baby seagulls and release them into the wild. My work also involved feeding the dogs, training and walking them. It was fun to learn how to do that!

What haven’t you enjoyed or found interesting about your placement?

Most of the work I did with the animals was done alone, it took me a while to get used to being on my own a lot of the time. I have learnt to be independent and I’ve taught myself a lot of new tasks.

Do you know what you might want to do after your placement?

I am thinking about going to work with animals after work experience. But I also want to get future work experience in engineering, as it is fun and exciting to try out new things and not to just focus on one area.

Is your placement what you expected to be and if so would you take it as a job?

It was what I expected because I knew I would be looking after animals, training them and feeding them. I would work at the ManxSPCA because it was super fun, I especially enjoyed working with the baby seagulls and feeding them. They are interesting because they’re different from the usual domestic animals, being cared for at the ManxSPCA.

Do you have any advice for the students that choose this placement next year?

The first day isn’t too great because you need to go around meeting new people and sometimes it’s overwhelming. In the afternoon, it gets quiet as most of the days tasks have been done. During quiet times I’ve asked if I can help other staff with their tasks.



PDMS' Marketing work experience student, Alex Leonard, carried out this interview as part of his placement. 

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