Adapting to each new challenge - Alex's story

Alex Leonard joined PDMS as Marketing Assistant for the week, exploring the variety of work experience on the Island and interviewing peers to promote the placements available with local employers.

Release Date: 06/08/2018 09:41

Alex Leonard Year 10 Ballakermeen student Alex Leonard joined software development company PDMS as Marketing Assistant for the week. Alex applied himself to each new challenge, learning about life in an office environment and developed several transferable skills which he will be able to apply to his future career development.

As PDMS' Marketing work experience student, Alex provided an insight into work experience by interviewing his peers to promote the variety of opportunities available on Island as part of his placement. Stepping outside his comfort zone, Alex demonstrated a keen work ethic and applied himself to learning new skills and exploring new opportunities.

Is there anything you have found fun or exciting in your work experience placement?

I found it fun meeting everyone and going out interviewing people for the articles. It was exciting to find out what other people were doing on their work experience and learn how to use different software.

What haven’t you enjoyed or not found interesting about your placement?

A lot of the time I was on the computer writing things up and completing tasks and it got tiring after a while. I don’t have a big lunch break any more like I’m used to having but it is enough time to eat.

Do you know what you might want to do after your work experience placement?

I want to work selling computers consoles and games as I know a lot about them and my second choice would be to work in a cooking environment, serving food or working in the kitchen.

Is your placement what you expected and if so would you take it as a job?

It was not what I expected because I was on the computer a lot more than I thought I would be. I did not know I would be doing interviews with people and going out asking questions, but it was fun. I might want to work there because it is interesting to work in the marketing department.

Do you have any advice for the students who choose this placement next year?

Be able to work with computers and be prepared to work around them a lot. Know how to use a camera and be prepared to interview people out and about. There are meetings you need to go to that involve health and safety you need to go through.

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