Work Permits

If you would like to work in the Isle of Man, but you are not classified as an “Isle of Man worker”, you will require a work permit before starting employment or self-employment in the Island.

Isle of Man Workers

Qualification as an “Isle of Man worker” applies through satisfaction of any one of the following criteria:

  • born in the Isle of Man;
  • resident for at least 5 years (and not having lived elsewhere more than once in the following 15 years);
  • married to or the civil partner of an Isle of Man worker;
  • having received full-time education during residence (and having remained in the Isle of Man thereafter)
  • having an Isle of Man-born parent who spent the first 5 years of their life in the Isle of Man

Work Permit Exemption For Certain New Businesses

The Isle of Man offers many benefits to attract new businesses and ventures, so it also offers flexibility for businesses establishing in the Island a branch or subsidiary of a business carried on elsewhere or relocating a business in the Island from elsewhere. The exemption is subject to conditions such as:

  • it may be claimed for up to three persons, or 10 per cent. of the persons employed in the business in the Island, whichever is the greater, subject to a maximum of 10 persons;
  • the actual turnover of the business in the Island in the previous year (or, in the case of a business in its first year, the projected turnover) must not be less than £100,000 for each person employed in the business in the Island;
  • not later than 31st January in each year the person claiming the exemption must provide the Department with a return in writing giving in respect of the previous year accounts or other information verifying that the turnover requirement was fulfilled.

Additional Work Permits Exemptions

There are a certain limited number of occupations for which permits are not required such as doctors, dentists, ministers of religion or the police.

There are also a wide variety of temporary work permit exemptions which are intended to ensure that a business established in the Island can operate effectively.

For further information on exempted employments go to Work Permit Exceptions.

Cost & Processing Time

The cost of a work permit is £60 which is payable on submission of an application. The fee is usually paid by the employer. 75% of work permit applications are processed within 10 working days of receipt.


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