Improving Your Employability

If you aren’t currently working or studying, there are a number of schemes available to help you find a full time job. These usually involve gaining some relevant work experience that will really help enhance your CV or commencing training that will improve your employability.

Development through Adventure

The Children’s Centre, in partnership with the Department of Economic Development offer a programme called “Development through Adventure” (DtA) which is aimed at 16-24 year olds.  This programme combines outdoor adventure and other creative activities with a work placement. For more information, contact The Children’s Centre on 676076.


If you’ve never had a job or you’ve been out of work for a while it can be difficult to demonstrate some of the key employability skills on your CV.  However, even without any work experience, there are ways to help you get started in your chosen career.

One way to help boast your CV or application for is voluntary work.  It’s a great way to show a potential employer initiative and develop some of the skills that are valuable in the workplace such as communication and team work.

Have you thought about volunteering to work with local charities or community groups? In addition to developing new skills, you’ll experience new challenges and also get to know new people.  Research has shown that over 70% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. 


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