Work Experience

All students in the Isle of Man are required to undertake a period of work-related learning before they leave school. Work experience is as an essential part of preparing young adults for industry and their future careers - and has many benefits for employers too.

Benefits for employers

Some of the benefits to employers for offering work experience to school students include:

Developing Skills LIVE

  • Students are often highly computer literate and can offer help and advice on technology, social networking etc.
  • Students are looking to develop the skills that they will need for work, and as such are usually enthusiastic and hard working.
  • There is an opportunity to look for potential recruits to the business.
  • Students may approach employers for work in the future.
  • Employees at the business have the opportunity to prepare and supervise work placements, which can help to improve their interpersonal skills and motivation in their own jobs.
  • The employer's profile will be raised among students and the local community.
  • Work experience will promote interest among students in your particular type of work or sector.
  • Employers can develop recruitment channels through links with schools and

How employers get involved? runs the Isle of Man's Work Experience programme and if you'd like to offer placements in your organisation, feel free to get in touch via

We can arrange to meet with you to explain how the work experience programme works.  If you agree to offer opportunities we will put together a job description with you. This will appear, along with a brief company profile, on an online database where students select their placements. 

When several students apply for each placement their school teachers match the most suitable student for the role. Once allocated the student will contact you to introduce themselves and arrange an interview if you wish to conduct one.

Work experience mentoring

Employers can also get involved by volunteering as mentors to the Isle of Man IT Career Academy or Junior Achievement

Working intensively with employers and sixth form A level students, the IT Academy aims to give students the opportunity to be trained and potentially recruited, once they are 18+, by local companeis within the IT sector.

Although the first Career Academy theme on the Isle of Man is ‘Information Technology’, the Academy may explore other potential themes such as Biomed and Engineering.

What can employers expect?

  • Mentoring and staff training experience
  • CSR (corporate social responsibility) opportunities
  • Extended interviews with prospective employees
  • A choice of recruits either at 18 or post higher education at 21

To find out more about the Mentor scheme, please contact Andrew Cole.

You can also apply to be a local Career Academy mentor by completing this form.

The Isle of Man IT Career Academy is actively supported by our partners Career Ready. 


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