Volunteer Schemes

Have you ever considered how your organisation could help prepare young people for the world of work? There are many opportunities to get involved, many of which require a minimal time commitment but have huge benefits for the Young People and yourselves.


The Department of Economic Development offers a number of apprenticeship schemes for a wide range of trades and these rely on local businesses providing appropriate apprenticeship opportunities.   Research has shown that businesses who employ apprentices experience a range of benefits including improvements in productivity and staff morale.  Apprenticeship vacancies can be advertised on employed.im.  If you’d like more information on apprenticeships, please see the Apprenticeship pages on the Isle of Man Government website or contact the Training Services Division of the Department of Economic Development on 01624 687156.

Junior Achievement

JA Logo CopyJunior Achievement is a Manx registered charity dedicated to helping the Isle of Man's young people gain the essential workplace skills they need when they leave full-time education.

Volunteers work alongside teachers in the classroom to help deliver Junior Achievement programmes which focus on work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

For more information visit the Junior Achievement Website.

Inspiring the Future - Careers Speakers in Manx Schools


The Department of Education is very keen to provide school students with insights into the real world of work on the Isle of Man. From inspirational presentations by a high-flying  entrepreneur to eye-opening chats with people from local businesses and industries, there are many opportunities to help guide the young people of the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man has joined up with 'Inspiring the Future', a web-based service run the by UK  charity the Employers and Education Task Force.

You can volunteer to talk to young people about your job by signing up now. It is quick and easy and lets Isle of Man based schools know that your organisation wants to be involved and that they can invite you to visit, at a time that suits you.  

STEP Scheme

stepEvery year, STEP recruits the brightest and most enterprising undergraduates and matches them with the specific needs of small organisations to undertake a skill-centric project to improve the business. This is an invaluable and exciting opportunity open to all final and penultimate year undergraduates could make a real difference to their future career prospects and to your organisation.

For more information visit the STEP Scheme pages on the Isle of Man Government website. Recruitment for the scheme begins in January each year.

Work Experience

Throughout each year hundreds of work experience placements are needed for students from Isle of Man schools. 

Whilst a significant commitment for any busy organisation, providing work experience placements raises the employer's profile, as well as providing valuable teaching and mentoring opportunities for staff. Introducing young adults to industry also has far reaching social benefits.

Contact workexperience@employed.im for an informal discussion on work experience in the Isle of Man. 


Work Placements

The Isle of Man College is always looking for employers who are able to provide work placements for students studying business-related courses. Unlike Work Experience, which is for one or two weeks for school students, work placements are for longer time periods and allow the student to make a real contribution to your business, while continuing to study.

If you would like an informal discussion on how you could get involved in providing work placements please contact the University College Isle of Man.

There are also opportunities to get involved in providing work placements for young people who are not in education, employment or training. This can be very rewarding and can completely transform the life of a young person. Contact the Department of Education and Children for more information.



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