Making staff redundant is sometimes a necessary evil for the continued success of your business. Given that it will be an emotional journey for all of your workforce, it is important that you handle the situation with the care and attention your people deserve.

Redundancy can be one of life’s toughest challenges and one that those who are made redundant are very often unprepared for.

As an employer your organisation may also be ill equipped to deal with the process of making your workers redundant.

Making people redundant is stressful for those who are made redundant and for those who remain in empoyment, as well as for those planning and implementing redundancies.

There is lots of practical advice online to help employers and individuals deal with redundancy and evaluate your options.

MirsMuch of the information online in relation to redundancy and employment rights reflects UK legislation. 

The Isle of Man has its own legislation covering employment which includes redundancy payments. 

The Manx Industrial Relations Service, an independent, Government funded organisation can provide free and impartial advice regarding redundancy and have published a Redundancy Guide.



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