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The Biomed and associated sectors have been targeted by the Isle of Man Government as a priority area for development, both as a generator of good jobs and as an effective way of solving the problems of delivering good health care to a relatively small, isolated but relatively prosperous society. Therefore, opportunities in this sector are likely to grow rapidly and with the Island’s modern infrastructure, a complete range of business services and a fully supportive Government the Isle of Man has the ideal combination for biomed business to thrive.

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Since the 1980’s The Isle of Man has been home to a range of world class biomed companies involved in: device manufacture, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, compliance and data capture.  In 2013 the ManxBioMed Cluster was formed to provide a forum for the range of diverse companies working within the biomed sector.

ManxBioMed Cluster Aims   

  • Ensure that the Isle of Man’s legal, financial and regulatory systems, along with its infrastructure, continue to make the Island an attractive and competitive location for BioMed and associated activities.
  • Emphasise the paramount importance of the patient in health provision while enhancing opportunities for the Island's health and community services to improve services by utilising developments in bio medicine, bio technology and telemedicine.
  • Stimulate the growth of  biomed business already based on the Isle of Man  and attract new inward investment which generate income, employment or reputational benefits for the Island.
  • The Cluster  will support, where they comply with the criteria, early stage, fast growth companies by working closely with appropriate entrepreneurs, scientists and legislators.

We have now held two extremely successful ManxBioMed Bio Business Conferences, in December 2013 and 2014. You can review the slide shows presented at these conferences on our website.

In addition we organise regular meetings of the ManxBioMed Cluster where visiting scientists, practitioners and businessmen are invited to present to the group.

Employment Opportunities - what skills are required?

Skills required by the sector are as diverse as the companies themselves but with a strong leaning towards science and maths combined with an enquiring mind and commitment to work in a field that is still growing on the Island and internationally.

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