Joanne Goldy

Joanne is a Marketing Specialist who found her talents promoting the fascinating world of cryptocurrency. After studying in the USA, Joanne was lured back to the Island and discovered a variety of opportunities to explore and pave her way into the field of Marketing.

CoinCorner is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Isle of Man. Founded in 2014, CoinCorner currently operates in 47 countries worldwide and was one of the first exchanges to fall under any form of cryptocurrency legislation.



After completing my A-Levels, I studied at the University of Chester for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. I always enjoyed reading and learning about what makes characters tick, so this course was a natural fit.

Work experience 

While doing my GCSEs and A-Levels, I worked as a part-time Medicine Counter Assistant in a local pharmacy. After graduating from University I took some time to decide what I wanted to do as a career and eventually found that marketing complemented my interests. Since then I’ve worked in marketing in hospitality, law, and now cryptocurrency.                                                         

How long have you been back on the Island?

I graduated from the University of Chester in 2013, and immediately following this, moved to the USA on the Ella Olesen Scholarship. This is a non-degree program which gives Manx female graduates the opportunity to study at the University of Idaho and represent the Isle of Man as an Ambassador (if you’re a female student finishing University soon, I’d highly recommend applying to this!).

I returned to the Island in 2014 and have spent the last 4 years figuring out what I enjoy doing and what kind of career I would like. I’m 26 now and have found my niche in marketing.

Life on the Isle of Man

What brought you back to the Island after University? 

In all honesty, after living in the USA for a year I didn’t want to move back to the Island as I’d met someone and loved everything about where I was living. I came back reluctantly and temped for a few months while I weighed up several options. 

During this time I researched marketing as a potential career path, found that it fit in well with my skills and interests, and began looking for marketing job roles. The rest is history - I’ve been working in marketing for a few years on the Island and absolutely love it. Looking back I can see that moving home has given me more opportunities than if I had relocated to the UK, for example. 

What are the career opportunities in marketing?

Marketing has a huge variety of career opportunities and suits people with a wide-range of skills. I started my career in a junior position and over the past few years have built up my experience, alongside studying for marketing qualifications via the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

In terms of support, there is an active marketing community on the Island which is great for networking and learning from other people who work in marketing.

Although it’s a competitive sector, I’ve seen no shortage in marketing jobs being advertised and I feel that this is because most companies on the Island respect marketing as an instrumental element of business.

What is your favourite thing about living on the Island?

It has to be the community spirit. Considering the size of the Island, people are very supportive of one another. There are also a lot of activities to get involved in and fantastic work opportunities in interesting industries.

What advice would you offer to students looking to return to the Island, or who are considering remaining on the Island instead of going abroad to study?

My advice would be that if you’re reluctant to move home (as I very much was), it’s always worth trying and seeing what opportunities are available. I’m glad that I came back as I have been able to get into a career that excites me and make new lifelong friends along the way.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in Marketing?

I joined CoinCorner and the world of crypto in February 2018, so I’m still relatively new to the industry. After working in well-established industries before, I decided to look for a role that was in a newer market, and which would challenge my perceptions of marketing and business. Crypto has certainly done this as it’s very much in its infancy and there are no established ways of marketing. I really enjoy working in crypto as no two days are the same and as a team, we’re constantly being faced with interesting changes and challenges. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

There are a lot of things I enjoy about the role and the industry, but I think the company culture is by far what I appreciate the most. We have an amazing team at CoinCorner and although we work extremely hard, we have fun in the process.

Career progression to date…

Social Media Marketing Assistant - Hospitality

Marketing Executive - Law

Marketing Specialist - Cryptocurrency 

Do you have any role models that have helped inspire you?

I’ve never been the person who has looked for a role model and I feel that’s because my parents have always been inspiring. They both worked incredibly hard (and taught me those values) and have been a huge support in our family. 

What are your aspirations?

In the past, I had a lot of aspirations and felt great pressure to succeed at everything. Over the past few years though, I’ve done a complete 360 and I try to focus on living in the now than the future. 

This doesn’t mean to say that I don’t have personal goals (I’d love to publish a book someday!), but I try not to let them define who I am anymore.