Charlotte Dutton

Company: Infinity Language Services Ltd

Job title: Linguist

Charlotte Dutton moved to the Isle of Man after years of studying and living foreign languages to set up her own business Infinity Language Services, offering a range of services from teaching languages to a full range of translation services to individuals and businesses.


My first encounter with foreign languages was when I was at school studying German and French. I grew up and was educated in the UK in Manchester. I really enjoyed learning languages so pursued both French and German together at A Level. I was inspired by learning about international relations and politics in school, but also really enjoyed other subjects such as sciences.

I went to Lancaster University to study Modern Languages, which covered German, French and Spanish as part of the curriculum. Following graduation, I wanted to continue on to do a Masters degree and enrolled at Manchester University. The masters course was broken up into two years – the first focused on translation and interpretation and the second was completed as a work placement with Amazon. I joined their on-boarding team full time where I would support the work of KYC of new sellers and fraudulent checks for verifying businesses. An example of the work I might carry out could be a contract or an onboarding form would be submitted in German, which I would then need to proofread and correspond with the business in their native language.

I’ve been to have career path which allows me to keep pursuing something I love to do, continually strengthening my knowledge and fluency in these languages.

Life on the Isle of Man

It was my partner who ultimately brought me over to the Island. I was familiar with the place but never knew much about it before we moved. He had lived on and off the Island for 20+ years before we met. After a year together, he was offered a job here and I decided to move with him! We were living in London at the time where it’s very expensive and doesn’t offer a great quality of life, so I was open to exploring somewhere else.

I’ve lived on the Island for four years now and love it here. I was able to find a job in an e-gaming company utilising my language skills, which I enjoyed for three years until I decided to take the leap into self-employment!

The highlights of living here definitely show the better lifestyle you can have when you get out of the city. You’re never truly far from home so you can’t complain about the commute – there’s never much traffic to navigate through! The shorter commute helps significantly to the work and life balance. The fresh outdoors is stunning too. I never imagined myself to be a country girl, but we recently got a puppy and started to love going outside and exploring together.

Being a linguist on the Isle of Man

My mum has been encouraging of me to keep educating myself and gaining further qualifications. She’s worked hard for her career and even somehow completed her bachelor's degree whilst working full time and looking after my brother and I – she’s a fantastic role model proving that you can do anything if you know how to organise your time.

I officially started self-employment through Infinity Languages at the beginning of 2018 and really enjoying getting creative with languages to offer a range of services to local businesses. I’ve wanted to continue using my degree professionally since leaving University so started tutoring languages since 2010. I moved to France to teach English as part of my third year of Uni and following this I decided to take on an au pair position for four months in Austria. This involved helping their family learn English over the summer months. I’ve been tutoring on and off ever since!

Coming to the Isle of Man to follow a career in languages required me to get creative. There is plenty of opportunity for work here in the language field within the corporate businesses, however, a lot of work can be referred off-Island.

As an international business centre with businesses dealing with clients all over the world, I wanted to create a local service for languages tuition and translation to bring some of this work back to the Island and carried out locally.