Carrie Yates

Company: PDMS 

Job title: Work Experience Coordinator,

Carrie is’s Work Experience Coordinator, responsible for building relationships with the Island’s businesses to open up opportunities for Year 10 and 11 students to experience a taste of working in professional roles. As Work Experience Coordinator, Carrie has a demanding workload to balance but enjoys the reward of seeing how the programme benefits the future of each student participating and supporting employers to develop new initiatives to grow and develop the future workforce. 



I grew up in South Yorkshire but moved around a lot due to my family, as a result, I attended three high schools from ages 11 to 16 - so my early years of education weren’t easy. We finally moved to the Isle of Man to settle in time for my GCSE exams at St Ninian’s High School. Although circumstances lead to me leaving school early with poor grades, it doesn’t mean I didn’t understand the value of education and qualifications. My disrupted education didn’t dishearten me! Once in full-time work I pursued my own professional development and completed various vocational qualifications – it wasn’t easy to undertake these and balance them with family and work, but it was worth committing the time to as I strongly believe that these courses taught me many things I wouldn’t have learnt in the workplace alone and gave me a number of skills which supported my progression.

Work experience 

I’ve had the opportunity to experience a range of roles over the past 15 years. My career to date has been focused around Customer Services and I have extensive experience in this field: almost every role has been centred around helping people whether that has been in banking, retail or public-sector services.

Life on the Isle of Man

What attracted you to remain on the Island after school for work?

I didn’t go to University after I left school, instead I went straight into full-time work. My family were living on the Island so that was my incentive to stay. I have considered going back to the UK and attending University, but I never felt like there was a shortage of new opportunities on the Island and I’ve been able to continuously progress in my career to higher positions and learn in depths about how organisations operate. I’ve always loved putting my all into what I’m doing and worked hard to progress to where I am today in my career.

What are the career opportunities in your field of work?

There are a lot of opportunities around my current role as work experience coordinator. There is a broad scope of work within the education and progression development fields, and a fantastic opportunity to help inspire young minds and create a real future for people. Whether it’s through being a teacher yourself or coming into school to promote your sector or organisation and getting students interested, it’s a rewarding job to be in. Doing this role has really made me realise how important the development of our students is and I’m really enjoying getting local companies and organisations on board with supporting education.

What is your favourite thing about living on the Island?

I love everything about the Isle of Man, work is five minutes from home, my son is safe in a good school very near to our home and he’s going to grow up in a place that is completely invested in making sure he succeeds- what’s not to love about that? I also get constant joy from living so close to the sea- having grown up in an industrial city, which no doubt has its own kind of Yorkshire charm, I can really appreciate the unique beauty of the Isle of Man.