Unlock your potential with the Ashgrove Creative Awards

The Ashgrove Creative Awards are back for another year! Demonstrate your flair for creativity with the potential to win a cash prize along with the chance to take up a 3 month internship. Deadline for entry closes 8th August 2016.

Ashgrove competition

The Isle of Man is home to a hidden pool of creative talent. We’re sure of it. That’s why we’ve created the Ashgrove Creative Awards – to give aspiring creatives a platform and to tap into the Isle of Man’s creative potential.

To encourage as many people to get involved as we can, we are inviting entries in each of the following areas:

The competition is open to anybody so long as they do not currently work in the area which they wish to enter and are over the age of 16. The winner of each category will receive a £250 prize, awarded to them at the Ashgrove Creative Awards award ceremony in August 2016.

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do at Ashgrove Marketing, and nothing makes us happier than seeing creative people given the opportunity to showcase their ideas.  As one of the Island’s leading companies working in the creative industry, we believe that it is our responsibility to provide the Island’s residents with such an opportunity.

We’re very excited to see what talent the competition uncovers! So register your interest and find out more information today.

Download the briefing brochure here and discover your creative potential.