Promoting incentives for secondary teachers

The Department of Education and Children have recognised the importance of creating more value and incentives to attract secondary teachers to the Island and provide training budding candidates.

Advertising the benefits of teaching in the Isle of Man through ITV Player, reduced minimum academic requirements for budding teachers and a ‘loan forgiveness’ scheme for island students who secure employment in a DEC secondary school. DEC teacher

These are some of the latest steps the Department of Education and Children is taking to recruit teachers from both on and off the island as it continues to face difficulties attracting new staff. The issue was raised by Anne Swift, national president of the National Union of Teachers, during her recent visit to the Isle of Man.

She said it was a risk for teachers from England to accept roles in the island due to the cost of living and the UK Teachers’ Pension Scheme treating the Isle of Man as an overseas scheme.

And she said the number of training course vacancies in England exacerbated the difficulty. Mrs Swift said one head teacher had said the difficulty was compounded by not knowing their budget yet for April: ‘If they are not getting the funding they need, they are not going to be able to employ teachers anyway.’

A DEC spokesman said: ‘The DEC is developing numerous strategies to attract good candidates to the island and recent evidence indicates this is beginning to prove successful.’

Across the DEC’s five secondary schools, 15 candidates are working as unqualified teachers in difficult to recruit subjects while completing their studies.

For students who wish to study a PGCE, the minimum requirement to qualify for student awards support has been reduced from a 2:1 to a 2:2.

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