MICTA uses new feature on employed.im to recruit Island’s future IT professionals

The Manx ICT Association (MICTA) utilised employed.im to lead their recruitment for the new MICTA Apprenticeship Scheme.

The MICTA apprenticeship scheme was established to provide opportunities within the ICT sector and resolve the Island’s ICT skills gap. employed.im, a digital employability platform development by PDMS, joins up initiatives, opportunities and pathways in local areas.

MICTA was one of the Isle of Man’s first organisations to use the new ‘Apply Online’ feature in employed.im to attract and recruit applicants to undertake training with local leading ICT companies.

What is the MICTA Apprenticeship Scheme?

In partnership with the Department of Economic Development (DED), the apprenticeship scheme was launched to provide paid, industry-based learning combined with day-release training at the Island’s newly branded University College Isle of Man (UCM).

This year, there were 17 companies involved - all prepared to take a two-year apprentice under their wing.

PDMS is one of the participating companies, based at Isle of Man Business Park, where 17-year-old Robert Blenkinsop has joined.

Neal Kelly, Infrastructure and facilities manager at PDMS, said: ‘As a technology company we are always trying to recruit talented people, but we have struggled to find candidates with the right experience.

‘This scheme came along at the right time, so my team decided to change tack a little and develop people into IT professionals, rather than just hire a readymade employee. The apprenticeship scheme is absolutely perfect for that.’

Finding the right candidates

The PDMS Employed system allowed administrators of the scheme to manage their apprenticeship recruitment campaign directly. MICTA used employed.im’s ‘Apply Online’ feature to help secure the Island’s future technology leaders on the new Apprenticeship Scheme. Using the ‘Apply Online’ feature, members of the public were able to easily find the opportunity, complete an online form - tailored to MICTA’s requirements - and submit supporting documents all in one simple process.

The administrators at MICTA were then able to go in to their applications portal and manage applicants within the system to shortlist their successful candidates. By creating one shared applicant portal where submission details and documents are stored for each prospective candidate, it is possible for multiple users within various organisations to view all applicants for the scheme in one place and review the progress of applications, via their own logins.

The Applications tool allows the administrator to see submitted online application details, supporting attachments and contact information for each applicant, and to download their submitted forms if required. Statics can be displayed for each advertised opportunity allowing administrators a quick view of their campaigns’ current status.

Prepared for the future

The value of apprenticeships used to be underestimated, however today they are becoming increasingly important in helping to solve skills gaps – seen as a sensible alternative to costly higher education fees in sectors where experienced candidates are limited.

With more firms already showing an interest in participating after the first year of the programme, employed.im is ready to facilitate and manage any future apprenticeship recruitment drives undertaken by MICTA. With the programme administration under control in one central system, they can focus their time and energies on the important task of finding the right candidates to grow the Island’s future in ICT.