Making sure the Isle of Man doesn’t fall further down the Skills Gap

On Tuesday 12th July 2016 the Isle of Man Examiner reports the latest unemployment statistics in the article “Jobless figure drops by 132 in 12 months”. Below we delve into the growing skills gap and what solutions could be explored to prevent the deficiency in skilled workers and meet the needs of the local and wider economies.

Unemployment in the Isle of Man is reportedly at its lowest since October 2008 at just 1.4 per cent. This is in comparison to the UK at 5 per cent, Germany at 6.1 per cent and Greece’s 24.9 per cent unemployment figures.

What is more important to highlight from the report, however, are the industry related job figures, where we really see first-hand evidence of the skills gaps forming in both the UK and Isle of Man economies.

This isn’t the first time the topic of ‘The Skills Gap’ has come up – especially not on!

Understanding the Skills Gap

A common reoccurring theme in employability figures is the severe shortage of skilled individuals to meet specific employment market demands. This forming skills gap illustrates the fissure growing between what skills employers need, and what skills job seekers can offer. Some of the identified causes for this are:

Problem areas

Figures revealed this week serve to highlight the growing challenge faced by the Isle of Man when it comes to the mismatch of skilled workers versus job vacancies. At the end of July:

It’s not just employers grumbling anymore – the Skills Gap is real, and needs addressing – quickly.

The Solution

There is still a lot of disagreement and debate going on in the world about the complex issue of skills gaps and how a suitable solution can be found.

With a shortage of trained individuals and in-demand jobs in health care, engineering, advanced manufacturing, computer science and now teaching, what are the possible solutions?

So, how are we going to address these growing problems? At we’re dedicated to helping employability in the Isle of Man, no matter what stage in the careers journey someone is at.

The team at are helping to bridge the skills gap by providing a portal equipped to provide resources and tools to guide individuals along their chosen career paths. With information openly available about industries, careers advice and training options, anyone can search on to find the latest local job and volunteering opportunities and seek the resources they need to progress their career. We’ve also teamed up with local establishments to create sector-specific jobs portals around specialist fields, check out the Isle of Man Construction Federation ( and Isle of Man Engineering ( websites to see examples. We work closely with Government and stakeholders to review, analyse and feedback on current developments and how we can help address each of these problem areas.

Want to find out more about what we do or have suggestions on how to tackle the Skills Gap? We’d love to hear from you at

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