Enhance your skills with the Army reserve

The Army reserve has teamed up with 3FM to promote the opportunity to help you become a better you. Through the Army reserve, build your skills and gain an advantage to your career outside of work with just 19 days a year in a paid, part-time role.

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Challenge yourself in a role that shows you how you can live up to your potential from just 19 days a year in a paid, part-time role that can give you a real advantage in your civilian career by gaining CV-enhancing qualifications, leadership and teamwork skills.

The Army Reserve is recruiting now on the Isle of Man - head to a Reserve open evening, held every Wednesday night on Tromode Road, Douglas and meet current Reservists and see what it takes to be in the Army Reserve – open from 7pm to 9pm.

For a full list of dates in 2016 view the Army Isle of Man Reserve Force Drill Night calendar here.

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