Buzzwords you need to get onto your CV

The latest buzzwords you need to get onto your CV for 2019. 

This article was sourced from Recruitment Grapevine

Whilst many workplaces are slowly winding down for the end of the year, recruitment is a little different.

The new year often brings a glut of candidates wanting to seek out new employment opportunities – meaning working with them to tweak their CVs. In many ways, the end of the year in recruitment is preparation for the tsunami of applications that will come their way as soon as the clock strikes January.

And, according to SEEK, who work with both jobseekers and hiring employers, next year there will be certain buzzwords that employers are particularly keen to hire for, meaning they are must-haves on the CV.

1. Adaptability

Speaking to SEEK, Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand explained that “employers want their people to be able to pivot to a new role or area of responsibility as things change and to upskill to remain on top of new trends relevant to their job function or industry.”

During times of digital transformation, not forgetting the huge challenge that Brexit and changing skills demand mean, adaptability will be a ‘soft’ skillset that employers will be looking out for first of all.

2. Analytical thinking

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mike Dickson, Director at Six Degrees Executive, an Executive Search firm, explained that “analytical thinking has become a highly sought-after skill. As every function seeks to operate more efficiently and to drive return on investment, the ability to analyse enables informed decision making.”

However, it’s not enough to tell your candidate to merely say they are analytical, they have to show it too. It’s a bonus if they can turn this skillset to data.

3. Being proactive

In fast-moving environments, this means thinking on your feet and not waiting for feedback.

With agile working is one of 2018’s go-to work trends, proactive people are those who can excel in these new work environments.

To get your candidates to show this, you might want to impress upon them they need to highlight areas where you’ve come up with solutions to problems without being prompted.

4. Empathy

According to Natalie Firth, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Think Talent, this quality is important as many of the most important interactions are human and they need to be receptive to customer feedback.

She told FEMAIL: “Candidates should stress that they always consider the customer's perspective. They should also list "empathy" as a skill in their resume and explain how it has helped them in their career.”

5. Resilience

How does your candidate cope with challenges? How do they respond to questioning? How do they legitimise the actions they’re taking?

With many employees rarely able to properly disconnect from work, pressure for many staff members – rightly or wrongly – has shot up.

This means you need to get your candidates to be able to show that they can move forward from bad experiences, show they thick-skinned and can work on the fly.