Barclays and MTG - BIG Data

Ever wondered what Big Data is? Big Data is a fundamental part of our personal and business lives. In a thought provoking presentation, Manx Techonology Group (MTG) will describe some real world application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, outline how these technologies will impact society, shape the way that we do business and explain how it is already impacting business strategy. Despite obvious opportunities, Big Data has many challenges - MTG will discuss many issues centred around data privacy, cyber security and the ethical use of data.

Following on from a successful Cyber Security presentation at the Manx Museum, Barclays are delighted to announce an event focussing on Big Data and AI (Artificial intelligence) The event is being hosted by Barclays and ran in conjunction with the Manx Technology Group and Barclays would like to extend the invitation to any MICTA members that would like to attend what is primarily an internal Barclays briefing as MICTA and Barclays are working together on a number of fronts.

Big Data is the process of analysing large data sets to reveal patterns, trends and associations – as an example - think of a retailer analysing shopping habits via their club cards and how they use this information to enhance shopping experiences; increase revenue streams and improve operational efficiencies.

Big Data is a current and exciting topic which can truly benefit organisations from small one-man operations to global multinationals.

Manx Technology Group is genuinely excited about this event and will be able to add real thought provoking ideas for your business.   

The evening will include an entertaining presentation, Q & A session and networking event to discuss individual case studies.

You will have the opportunity to ask the panel how Big Data can add value so please do come with any burning questions.

The event will take place on Thursday 15th June from 17:30 to 20:00 at the Manx Museum. 

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Barclays and MTG event