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Enhance your skills with the Army reserve

The Army reserve has teamed up with 3FM to promote the opportunity to help you become a better you. Through the Army reserve, build your skills and gain an advantage to your career outside of work ...

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Unlock your potential with the Ashgrove Creative Awards

The Ashgrove Creative Awards are back for another year! Demonstrate your flair for creativity with the potential to win a cash prize along with the chance to take up a 3 month internship. Deadline ...

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Making sure the Isle of Man doesn’t fall further down the Skills Gap

On Tuesday 12th July 2016 the Isle of Man Examiner reports the latest unemployment statistics in the article “Jobless figure drops by 132 in 12 months”. Below we delve into the growing skills gap and ...

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Demonstrating the Island's creative talents

The Isle of Man College End of Year Exhibition will be closing today for another year. As always, there was a demonstration of a wide variety of artistic skills exhibited at the annual show as the ...

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Goodbye Isle of Man College. Hello University College Isle of Man

As the annually anticipated Art, Design and Media End of Year Exhibition opens, the Isle of Man College has a few words to mark the final show under the name before the rebrand to University College ...

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