Are you looking for a simple solution to engage with graduates?

We’ve come up with a simple solution for making graduate opportunities available in one place, its quick to set up and most importantly, listing your opportunity is FREE!

How can help you

We have over 8.5k members in and a lot of those happen to be students and graduates, and we want to make sure they get every opportunity to apply for the latest opportunities. The platform enables job seekers to receive notifications about vacancies, tailored to suit their interests and sectors of interest.

We want you to register your organisation on, join the ‘Isle of Man Graduate Opportunities’ profile (for FREE) and start advertising the following graduate opportunities:

- Employment

- Training

- Internships

- Apprenticeships

We’ll even send your advertisement to the Job Centre for you!

How it works

Your organisation can become a member of the ‘Isle of Man Graduate Opportunities’ profile in; this profile will act as an advertisement board for registered members to advertise their various graduate opportunities.  

Graduates using to search for opportunities will be invited to add ‘Isle of Man Graduate Opportunities’ to their favourites, and anyone who does this will then receive notifications whenever a new opportunity is advertised!

Getting set up

Step 1: You’ll need to register yourself as a user, if you’re not already registered, so that you can become the administrator for your company.

Step 2: You will also need to become the administrator for your organisation, if it’s already listed in To become administrator for a pre-existing profile please request this by emailing us at, we may need to verify your request with your organisation, in some circumstances.

Step 3: If you’re organisation is new to you can create a profile here

Step 4: Finally, register your organisation to join ‘Isle of Man Graduate Opportunities’ and complete our short form here 

Help is available

Watch our step-by-step video which shows you how to get your organisation set up!

If you’d like us to help you get registered, or simply want further information, contact us at or call 01624 664000.