Information for Employers

We are delighted to be co-ordinating the Digital Apprenticeship Scheme for 2019-20, in partnership with the Isle of Man Government's Digital Agency. 

We welcome you to support the scheme by offering an apprenticeship(s) to local student. We hope you agree that apprenticeships are a beneficial way to allow students to stay on Island and develop their technical skills locally, earning whilst they learn and developing those all-important employability skills.

Here’s all you need to know about the scheme and details of how you can get involved:

What age are the students and what course are they studying? 

Students can apply from age 16 upwards – there is no upper age limit. The course that they will complete will be dependent on their qualification level.  They will study part-time for a Diploma in Computer Studies over two years.  This will be at either Level 3 (GCSE/A-Level) or Level 4 (Post A-Level/First year of a degree). 

Will students coming to work with us have existing experience and qualifications?

Some students will be coming straight from school, so will have little or no experience in industry, but may have a Computer Science or ICT qualification.  Others may be older with some experience, or could be switching careers.

How long will a student work with us?

Apprentices will be on a two year contract with you.  You can choose whether you want to permanently take them on at any time during their apprenticeship. 

Who pays the students salary? 

Your company will pay the students as they will be an employee.  There may be funds available from the Department for Education, Sport and Culture to help cover some of the cost when the student is on day release at UCM.  Students should be paid the following at the start of their apprenticeships:

Further information about additional grants will be issued in due course.

Who pays the study fees? 

The Department for Education, Sport and Culture will pay for the UCM fees. You will be given all the relevant information once you have confirmed that you will be taking an apprentice.

How much time would the student spend at college at work each week?

Level 3 students will require a day at UCM during term time

Level 4 students will require half a day at UCM during term time

Which other companies are also supporting the scheme?

We are still confirming employers but companies like PDMS, Government Technology Services (GTS), IT Works, Equiom, Netcetera have all taken apprentices in the past

Would I be required to offer a permanent job to my apprentice once their course is complete?

There is no requirement for you to offer a permanent position at the end of the two years, however there is nothing stopping you either!

Will there be any information events or launches I can attend to find out more before I commit to offering an apprenticeship?

We are holding an informal Open Evening on Thursday 27th June from 5.30–7pm at PDMS, Global House, Isle of Man Business Park. We would like as many employers to attend as possible so that prospective students can mingle and ask any questions that they may have. 

We will then be holding a Speed Networking event in mid-July which will kick start the recruitment process.  More details to follow soon!

How can we register?

Please email to register stating your name, the type of apprenticeship (for example, hardware, infrastructure, software development, digital design, website development, analyst that you will be offering. 


Information for Employers

A handy information sheet with all you need to know about providing an apprenticeship