Partnerships works in partnership with the Island's key sectors and organisations to ensure the most effective delivery of employment and skills development on the Isle of Man. 

At the heart of work experience 

As the Isle of Man Government's Year 10 Work Experience Coordinators, is invested in nurturing promising futures for our young adults in their careers. 

We wouldn't be able to do it without the dedication of the Island's hundreds of employers who are investing their time and patience into developing our future workforce.  

Become a work experience provider and join the 450+ organisations who are taking on young adults for work experience placements. Contact Carrie to find out more information on the benefits of taking on students in your business or complete our online form

At the heart of the STEM Sectors is heavily involved in the STEM sectors on the Isle of Man.  We took on the coordination of the Engineering & Manufacturing Sector’s Awareness of Careers in Engineering (ACE) Programme in February 2017 which sees the team liaising with the local engineering and manufacturing companies and the schools to raise awareness of what the sector is all about and what career paths there are. The team organises for industry representatives to give talks or assist in classroom sessions in schools and organises small and large events on behalf of the sector.  For example, the team organised for the BLOODHOUND Landspeed Car Team to come over in September 2017. For more information about the engineering sector and the ACE programme please visit:

In March 2017, we took on a similar contract for the local ICT Sector, through MICTA, again, with the focus of raising the profile of careers in the ICT Sector on the Isle of Man.  This work particularly involves the organising of local events, both for schools as well as networking and seminars/workshops for the local ICT business community.  One of our primary roles is to coordinate the MICTA Apprenticeship Scheme.

During 2018, Lorna became one of the founding members of a group of local business women predominantly from the Tech Industry, who have come together to establish Love Tech.  Love Tech has been established to encourage girls and women into careers in STEM related industries.  Lorna’s role is to liaise with the schools and promote all the events and activities that the group organise into the education and wider community.

Also in early 2018, Lorna joined a new initiative Think Construction IoM, which is striving to develop a similar programme to the ACE programme that the engineering sector has.  Lorna provides guidance and support to the sector and hopes that a formal funded programme will be set up which will allow to offer coordination services to the sector, thus joining up the STEM sector initiatives further.

At the heart of mentoring programmes has been involved with the Career Ready Programme on the Isle of Man since 2015, with Lorna being the Business Development Lead on the Local Advisory Board. 

Lorna has also been a mentor for the past 2 years and in the summer of 2018 took on the contract for the coordination service, which matches local 6th Form students with Business Mentors and a paid 4 week summer internship.  The current focus is in the ICT Sector, but it is hoped that this can be expanded to all sectors over the next few years.

At the heart of the Isle of Man Business Community

Lorna is a member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce’s Employability and Skills Committee, taking the lead of skills and lifelong learning initiatives on behalf of the Chamber.  At these meetings, Lorna is able to provide insight to the members on what is going on in the schools and provide links into education settings when required.

At the heart of developing skills

All of the above partnerships contribute to the development of employability and other skills on the island.  In addition to this, all of the team volunteer with Junior Achievement Isle of Man to help them deliver their schools programme, which supports young people in developing the right skills to succeed not only in the Isle of Man, but further afield also!

If you think we could add value to your organisation or could support your sector in developing a careers and skills programme, please get in touch with Lorna on