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With so much information out there about the pros and cons of apprenticeships, where to go, all the career path options - where do you start?

We've put together some useful resources to help you out.

Here are some useful links to find out more about what apprenticeships are all about, both on and off the island!

If the above website has inspired you to find out more about what is available on the island, then click on our 'Meet local apprentices' page to read about local young people who have or are currently undertaking an apprenticeship and why they decided to go down the apprenticeship route!

We've outlined the types of apprenticeships currently available on-Island in our Types of Apprenticeships page, which also provides further links to what UCM offers as well as other training providers, and the link to the Isle of Man Government guide to apprenticeships.

The Pros & Cons of apprenticeships:

In an apprenticeship, you will be employed full-time, usually with a day release to a training provider.  You will usually be the most junior member of staff so will at times have to do more of the mundane tasks!  However, every task is a learning opportunity and you do need to know how to perform all tasks in a job, no matter how mundane!!

Perceived lack of status!  Some of your friends may go to uni or off to college full-time and you might feel that you are missing out!  Just remember that you will be earning, learning and gaining so much more real-world experience!  You too will make new friends and have new experiences!

The Biggest Pro – no tuition fees and no student debt!!  You will be being paid to learn!!  Once your apprenticeship is finished, you are just as likely to be able to get a well-paid job as any of your graduate friends, as employers are valuing more and more the experience that a candidate has!

Apprenticeships are being offered more and more, with Degree Level apprenticeships already being offered in the UK.  There are part-time degree courses available on the island so there may be opportunities to learn and earn and obtain a degree here – you may be able to find an employer who will let you work part-time around your course.

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