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Grow your business with apprentices 

Are you considering taking on an apprentice?

There are many benefits to taking on an apprentice:

Increase staff retention and loyalty - apprenticeships encourages individuals to think of their job as a career, seeing the long-term goals of their current training path. Employees who have been trained in-house are more likely to be committed to the company.  The National Apprenticeship Service states 80% of companies that have taken on an apprentice believe that they have seen a significant increase in employee retention.

Improve the coaching and mentoring skills of existing staff.  Using your existing staff to train and mentor the apprentices is a great way of developing the skills of your whole workforce.

Develop the skills your company needs.  Students will learn the theoretical parts of their training at a local college, university or training provider.  Having an apprentice will provide you as the employer with the opportunity to train someone to have the skills that they will need to do the job in the real world, in the way that the real world needs them to do it!  The apprentice will also learn the theory and gain the qualification that they need in order to progress in the future.

For advice and guidance on the practicalities of taking on apprentice on the Isle of Man, please visit the Isle of Man Government Apprenticeship Guidance website in the resources. 



Apprenticeships in the Isle of Man

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to upskill your businesses workforce and reduce staff turnover. The Isle of Man Government outlines all you need to know to offer a placement on the Island.