Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16, regardless of academic ability, although there may be some entry requirements for the formal study aspects of the apprenticeship.  It may be that you do not enjoy learning in the school environment and are more suited to hands-on learning.  Or you may do well academically and already know what your chosen career path is and believe that you can gain the correct qualifications through part-time study and full-time employment.  Whichever category you fall into, an apprenticeship could be for you!

An apprentice is usually a young person, who agrees to work for a specific contractual amount of time, typically 2 years, in order to learn a craft, trade or profession with an employer.  As well as learning on the job an apprentice undertakes formal training on day release from the employer at a local training provider, in order to gain a relevant, industry recognised qualification.

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As the cost of being a full-time university student steadily increases, apprenticeships are a real alternative route into obtaining relevant qualifications as well as gaining invaluable work experience, that employers seek when recruiting.  People often think of apprenticeships as being poorly paid and only available for trades such as mechanics, or joinery or plumbing.  This couldn’t be further from the truth! 

On the island, you can undertake an apprenticeship in the trades (plumbing construction etc) as well as in engineering, in ICT through the MICTA Apprenticeship Scheme and even in Marketing!  You can earn whilst you learn, have all your course fees paid for and finish your qualification with no student debt as well as gaining industry experience!  For more information about what UCM courses offer apprenticeships on the island, please visit:


By offering apprenticeships, your organisation can nurture new talent within your workforce and for the industry sector you are in and provide unique learning and development opportunities for your existing staff. Teach an apprentice your trade, and help them develop practical skills by working on-site alongside your experienced staff. Apprentices work as an employee, usually with a day-release to a training course.

At the end of the apprenticeship period in your organisation, you will have helped your apprentice to:

You can advertise apprenticeship vacancies in your organisation for free on Potential apprentices may also approach your business directly about apprenticeship opportunities, including through the website.

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Apprenticeships in the Isle of Man

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The UK Apprenticeship Guide

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